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Did you see the fancy Porsche?

This is what my wife asked me after returning from her morning run. I had not yet walked the dog past the fancy Porsche parked at our motel.

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There are plenty of neat cars that come through this area near Lime Rock. Yesterday going the other way on the road I saw a recent Ferrari (not pictured) in front of an actual fancy Porsche, a freaking 959!

Since I mentioned the 959 last night, this is probably why my wife called the Ferrari a Porsche.


Plus, many of the cars I’ve been seeing are clearly owned by residents, as I have seen a variety of classic or unique cars from a couple of old Discovery’s to a 60's Mercedes convertible and more.

To the credit of the nearby Ferrari FF owner, there was a road bicycle packed into the trunk, so it’s not being treated as some sort of investment . . . I think.

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