In a telephone interview, a witness from PA is tells the story about what really happened before the brake (high rev lift) check.…

I watched this an hour ago at home, and it’s not available where I am now – this is what I remember from it…

  1. Bikes swarmed the SUV in order to control his pace and movement and allow the whole group to pass
  2. SUV Made lane change and clipped one of the bikes
  3. Clipped bike fell down, got up, and continued.
  4. Claims he has FOUR HOURS of GoPro footage.
  5. Claims he has not watched it, and is not sure if his card ran out, or if the battery died.


Where is this rider that got knocked down? Where is this victim, the footage, or any damning evidence that the SUV driver has any fault in this altercation at all? Why would you claim you have all this footage, only to stumble around making excuses why you might not have it?

I find it believable that some contact could have happened. Too bad there isn't anyone less than two states away that knows anything about it.