Did you think lawyers were sleazy? You were probably right.

I had an interesting morning in federal court. I have been defending a class action brought by 8 of my client’s former employees.

The attorney involved is one of these guys, who tried to steal $5 million from their clients in another case.



At mediation, they would not come below $1.8 million. Today, they settled for $57,500 just before a hearing. Why? I don’t think they have any contact with their clients. With no clients, they took what they could get and will keep it for themselves.

I won’t bore you with the details, but they have filed documents in court that should have been accompanied by signed declarations, and weren’t. They refused to produce their clients for depositions. This is not a case that settles at this amount unless there are serious problems.

What a bunch of scumbags. This is why people hate lawyers, and why a lot of that hate is justified. People have taken some public shots at me, but nobody had ever said I put myself ahead of my clients. These guys disgust me.

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