So, my awesome Aunt got me a Godspeed oil catch can for Christmas. I'd love to tell you that I'm such a super-duper car wrencher that I had the thing in my car on the 26th, but that would be a lie. In reality, it took me until probably January 15 to get it in there.

Here we are now, at Feburary 13. Last night, I had to stop to get gas on the way home. As is my SOP, I popped the pump in with the locking mechanism on, and then did a quick walkaround of the car, which involves kicking the tires, checking the engine bay for anything that looks "weird" (when your engine is EFI and 23 years old, it's a good idea), and washing the windshield with the provided filthy water.

So, I popped the hood (or "bonnet" for oppos across the pond) and checked my catch can for the first time.

The damn thing's half full already! Don't get me wrong; better half full than having all of that oil in my intake, but still! half full in a month?! Fuckin A.

This means my piston rings are getting pretty bad, right? If they are, it isn't really news to me, as they're on the long list of things I'd like to replace...but I did do a compression test about 8 months ago, and the car has plenty of it (125-150 psi).