Did Zeolite kill Cruiser the cat?

Our vet told us Cruiser died of mesothelioma and the only source in our house would have been zeolite from of all things cat litter. My daughter and I have both researched it and have narrowed it down to that. Its a clay product and even though its a known cancer source our wonderful government has no warnings for it. They go nuts over asbestos exposure but we are allowed to ever buy pure zeolite at pets shop to add even more to cat litter. Just imagine the outrage if it was discovered somehow you could buy any substance at all grocery stores and pet shop that was a cancer causer but it had no warnings on the container. Well thats exactly whats going on. Almost any clay based cat litter can contain it and the dust is the culprit. So here is a warning for everyone for both your family and pets health to get alternative litters if you have a cat or to look for low dust or dust free litter. I even thought about oil dry we have all used to clean up oil spills and wonder how many of those are clay based.

I’ve hoped that I could post this to another part of Kinja so it would get the warning out to more people. In researching this I saw just a few reports confirmed of mesothelioma in cats but our vet has seen several cases now in the past few years. I just want other people to be aware and hopefully make people take notice of a substance that could harm us or our pets that few people know about.


Its been almost two months now since we lost him but he was the smartest pet I’d ever had. He had more personality and intelligence than even three Beagles we had owned, The only cat we had ever had that took voice and hand commands like a dog. I could let him outside while we unloaded groceries from the car and then call him to tell him to go inside, he would run to the door and wait for us to open it. He opened cabinet doors and even turned off a few light switches. We knew he was smarter than normal when as a kitten he started to drag the pooper scooper into the litter to signal us he wanted it cleaned. He had so many talents that just one or two would have be amazing. His tricks were numberous. He could count how many objects you showed him be it food or toys. He was remarkable. He will be truly missed.

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