I pulled the car out of the garage on Sunday and noticed what sounded like a power steering pump moan..... I pop the hood and the burnt plastic smell hits me. It’s the alternator. 19,413 miles on the car.... Spent most of this morning hunting for a new alternator and new serpentine belt while I was at it. The belt was difficult due to the addition of the supercharger. Not too many belts out there that are 124.7 inches long..... Found one for $35.99. The same brand online was as high as $69. It’s a Gates. Same one that came with the supercharger kit. The old one still has some life in it, but was beginning to show early stages of cracking. I rolled it up and put it in my parts container in the trunk for emergencies.... Car is back together and running as it should.

....And that’s how I’ve spent my 39th birthday so far.