Die Cast Hunting in Japan

I went to a few die cast car stores. Some have several stories, it’s insane. Also on display: military vehicles, helicopters, trains, whatever you need.

Z32 S1 turbo 2-seater targa (in AH3 Cherry Red Pearl just like my old one!), Z32 S3 version S in lightning yellow, turbo 4-seater...CRX, Civic Si, R30 Skyline....Such variety, no SW20

Maddeningly I could not find an SW20 MR2. I searched high and low, I found Vellfire vans, Cima sedans, AW11 MR2s, the later ones, but just not the one I was looking for. All manner of bland cars, but not the darling MR2. I even found an SW20 convertible model, which is tantalizingly close but who the hell wants the aftermarket soft top conversion that wasn’t even sold as a Toyota? Who makes a model of that, over the regular t-top or slicktop cars?

Easily the worst of all the MR2s

Also on display: the Nissan MID4 concept, a TommyKaira ZZ which almost doesn’t exist outside of Gran Turismo games, a Nissan 300ZR, the hyper-rare Z31 variant that had the engine of the later Z32 shoehorned in from factory. They also had variants of the Toyota Soarer from the 80s - you can get varying trim levels to match the exact one you’re after. I can’t believe they sell model cars with slight variations in bumper and wheel styles. Japan really knows how to do model cars.

MID4 II. To the left, a Cedric sedan with a Z31 300ZX engine. No SW20
Boring cars: we got ‘em
Who cares this much about their Fuga?
TommyKaira? Vehicross? Forester? No MR2?!

Anyway, I eventually found one at Toyota MegaWeb. Might have been the 8th store I’d been to, each one bigger than any model store I’ve ever seen back home. It was not for sale, I did not get a pic.


Is the SW20 so unloved?

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