This R&T article was written about the diesel engine, and why it should die out. I am a firm believer in the diesel engine, and it should stick around no matter what.

Right now, the nation is in panic. Remember when the Connecticut school shooting happened and all of a sudden people were demanding stricter gun laws? That was just situational panic, and so is this.

He likens the difficulty of building a gasoline-powered semi truck to landing a rover on Mars. First of all, they need diesel engines. A gasoline engine woul never produce the same torque figures and fuel economy. Also, if building a gasoline truck is easier than landing a rover on Mars, I’m pretty sure building a clean diesel would be easier than building a gasoline truck.

VWs exersize in skirting the EPAs restrictions was in order to make power and fuel economy a selling point in their TDI models. It wasn’t necessarily hard to do. I believe an actual clean diesel is entirely possible, and we shouldn’t ban the diesel engine at all.