October has come and gone. So? So it’s the first full month after that diesel business and we might get an idea if would be diesel buyers are going the spark ignition route or at least avoiding their friendly local VW dealer.

So, let’s take a look at October sales in Ireland. Why there? Because the figures are freely available in great detail, diesels are very popular and VW are market leaders. So what changed in October?

Precisely nothing. VW remain on top, the Golf is the best seller and 73% of registrations in October were diesel, much the same as the rest of the year. Those into statistical analysis would point out that October sales are very low as buyers wait for 2016 plates and such sales as are made are probably vehicles ordered before the great melt down but nonetheless the figures are as they are.


So there you have it. On the face of it, nobody in at least one diesel-friendly market is the slightest bit bothered by VW’s diesel dilemna.

Have a B8 Passat. Registered in Ireland, so it’ll be a diesel. Regardless.

It’s the second best selling car in its class in October, behind the Opel Insignia (which manifests itself in America as the Buick Regal). Yes, they’re all diesel too.

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