4x4 dodge bro brake checked me like 3 times on the interstate off ramp. I guess he didn’t like me getting closer to him when he brakes down to 15mph halfway down the off ramp. I did the wrong thing and stayed really close. I try to act not react but sometimes i just react without thinking. So he brake checked me 3 times and then accelerated each time so he could shoot sooty exhaust at me like and continued doing this as we got moving from the light through the intersection. Each time I could not see anything in front. He also flipped me off at one point in his display.

So I pulled into the gas station where I had planned on getting fuel, but before I fueled up I pulled out my phone and filed a smoking vehicle report.

It isn’t fair that I have to smog my car and diesels don’t and they can spew crap into the atmosphere and ruin visibility so they can look cool with crappily tuned motors and giant 10" exhaust that wobbles around.

I encourage everyone to find the website to report these cars in your county. We can help put an end to the polluting moronic diesel trucks. Above is the form for my county simply input the license number and description and other details and hit submit.