I’ve been thinking about a cheap third vehicle for a while. See, my wife and I both have vehicles that are about 12-15 years old with 160k on them, and if you’re going to have those sort of vehicles you need to have a bunch of them.

Now, the two vehicles are a Powerstroke F250 and a Mercedes ML350, so they’re not junk by any means. But having one new car isn’t an option (we work different schedules and have a baby), so instead I’ll add ANOTHER older car.

Of course we’re on Oppo, so there’s no reason that can’t be a fun thing. I’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead lately, and have often thought about what would be my ideal apocalypse car. Cheap, rugged, parts need to be available...and unlike on TWD, it should probably be a diesel because diesel keeps longer than gas does.


A 1981 240d available locally with a stick.

This, along with my prior searches, has brought me to old Mercedes cars. Ideally I’d like an early 90s E class diesel wagon with 4-matic, but I’m not sure that exists. Second choice is maybe a diesel S class, but I’d really like a wagon.

It seems like I have to choose two of the three. I can have a diesel wagon, I can have an AWD wagon, or I can have an AWD diesel...but I don’t think I can find all three.

How would you guys choose?