As the 2013 JSW sitting in my driveway is likely going to be in the group that requires the expensive refit that will kill my economy I want to start looking at replacement options.

I am not completely opposed to a gas VW but it would have to be a totally amazing deal on the GSW and the fact that I would have to go from my 3 pedals to the DSG does make me sad.

1 small child under two with another small child that will be arriving in the fall so here are the requirements:

New (CPO isn’t off the table but the financing difference may push it off the table), Cost under 27k, not terrible highway mileage, and handle 2 adults and two car seats and assorted toddler/infant stuff for long road trips. I am expecting whatever I go with will be gas and likely an automatic.

Difficulty we don’t want to drop the cargo area significantly so unless someone makes an amazing case the Elantra GT, Forte5, Mazda3, etc are all out.

So far its looking like small crossover is going to the be the way to go with something like the CX-5 as outback is generally out of our price range.

[Update: This is the family roadtrip car and all financial details are dependent on how much cash VW will throw at me to walk away. 27k was a ballpark as it was the price of my JSW out the door new.]