I’m one week in. Primary goal being to cut body fat, secondary goal being a blanket “feel healthier”

It’s really interesting to actually look at how much you’re getting from your food. If I just showed the left column, most people would see “10 eggs, 1.5 pounds of sweet potatoes, almost a pound of brocolli” and think that it was a TON of food. However add in the far right column, and you see that the total number of calories is only 2300. That’s not much. For comparison, a Large pepperoni pizza from pizza hut has 2700 calories.


And while I could easily eat the pizza in an hour while reading or watching Netflix, if I attempted the same with the total amount of food in my chart (400 calories less than the pizza) I’d be puking. And I’m trying to LOSE weight!

For a lot of athletes in my weight range, they would be looking at 5000+ calories per day when trying to reach their equilibrium, neither losing or gaining weight. That number is all but impossible to reach eating clean, which is why 99% of the top athletes, be them Olympic gymnasts, geared-up bodybuilders, or crossfit champs do not in fact eat clean. They need to supplement their base diet (which is generally what you would consider clean eating, and tailored for them to meet nutrient goals) with so called “dirty” food in order to meet caloric goals.

Bit off-topic, but this stuff interests me. Okay, back to the plan.

I’ll be weighing myself twice and day and averaging that number to track weight over time. I’ll also be getting my body composition scanned every three weeks, because a DEXA scanner is an incredibly powerful tool that provides a huge number of helpful data points to help you manage your health, accurately measuring not just body fat and muscle mass, but bone mass, bone age, muscle distribution and a number of other things. Should be interesting! I go in next week for the first scan.


I see a few issues with the diet above, with a lack of vitamin D and an overabundance of Vitamin A being the biggest red flags. Vitamin D will likely need to be taken care of via supplements (curse you Washington) but vitamin A.... Well. If I do start building up too much in my body, the solution is to just cut sweet potatoes for a week or so and find a suitable replacement. Bet you’ve never heard of sweet potato cycling....

I’m also thinking I should lower protein, and raise carbs a bit, but I’m going to wait for the two week mark before even considering making a change. I'll get some tests done to see what other nutrients I may be low on after a few weeks with the program. 


Anyways, those are my Easter thoughts. A friend invited me over to work on his 4runner and cook some grub, so I'll be making some bomb sweet potato fries, and grilling up some chicken. Woo-hoo!