1: Clutch-type

Pros: Cheap, durable, tuneable, reliable, streetable, works on both accel and decel

Cons: Rebuilding a clutch-type is time-consuming, not as smooth as helic

2: Helical

Pros: Usually the best for FWD, noticeably smoother than clutch-type, durable.

Cons: Not as adjustable as clutch-type, typically one of the more expensive diffs.


3: Torque-Vectoring

Pros: Really good at putting power down, aids in turning, settings can be changed on the fly.

Cons: This is absolutely not a DIY solution, really expensive.

4: Locker

Pros: It can prevent you from getting stuck and dying in the woods.

Cons: All or nothing design compromises streetability.

5: vLSD

Pros: I mean it kinda works as an LSD some of the time?

Cons: Horribly inefficient, wears out quickly.

6: Open

Pros: Cheap, slower lateral rotation than a limited slip makes it easier for n00bs to drive in slippery conditions.


Cons: Getting stuck, traction-deficient in inclement conditions, not being able to put power down, pegleg peels at the dragstrip, the roasting you’ll get from your mates if the open diff is in a RWD car.