Diffuser on. Part rant. Calling on some help.

Undertaking my new kit on my own since every body shop in my area is busy for the next 3-4 weeks. Anderson Composites didn’t expect normal plebs like me to do it myself so there were no instructions of course. Sideskirts involve removing the rocker panels, and of course I can’t find instructions on removing them. Started pulling on them and then I was like “nah”.

I’ve said it before but goddamn are new cars a pain in the ass to work on. Not only did the bumper need removed I needed to disassemble the inside of the bumper. I’m to blame since I wanted all the nannies on the car because “dur can’t see out of a Camaro durrr”.


10 internet points to anyone who works for GM or a body shop and can hit me up with their instructions on removing the rocker panels.

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