Rant about teenagers after the jump

My thingie don't work?

-Your computer?

Yeah I can't see nothin'

-Is it turned on?

Mmmm yeah (with an attitude)

I go over to check it out. It is obvious that that the plug is dangling from the monitor and not plugged into the power strip. "Well there is your problem it's not plugged in."

What? I ain't no computer wiz or something (with an attitude)

I really try not to make blanket statements about the youth of America but...I really hate this whole "Digital Native" term the so-called experts have placed upon this group. They can't trouble-shoot to save their life. I grew up with computers and assumed that they would not work exactly as I wanted them to so I always was searching for a way to fix it. My students as soon as they hit an obstacle they just assume it's broke.

Such as-

"Why won't Google give me the answer?"