I’m having a crisis of faith with my daily driver. It is a ‘04 Scion xB with 240K miles, that I have owned for 9 years. It is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned and I still love it dearly.

However right now it won’t pass emissions due to a bad cat ($170, currently being shipped to me). It has a bad cat because it is burning a lot of oil, so it needs something on the range from valve seals to an engine rebuild. And this morning the #4 coil failed for the third time.

I can do the coil & cat no problem, but I can’t tear the whole car down and do the engine myself because my truck is currently stripped to the framerails in waiting for a new drivetrain and front suspension. So I’d have to rent a car for the entire time I was doing the engine work.

It has a small amount of rust, lots of dents, the A/C doesn’t work, and the rear axle beam I put in to fix a bad shock mount is bent enough that the RR wheel is slight off on camber & toe. On the plus side apart from the carpet the interior looks good, and everything but the A/C works perfectly.

Basically I’m trying to decide if it is worth putting more money into it, or whether I should go shopping for a better xB(there is nothing out there that interests me more as a realistic DD). Good condition xBs with far less miles seem to go for ~$4K or less private party. And there is this one with 70K miles for $3500. I can afford that much in cash outright, though it drains my reserves more than I like given $5K of recent house repairs. But it reduces the “shit I gotta deal with on the DD” list to near zero compared to where it is now.