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Dilemma: Drive my car or just rent one.

Van parked on infield grass at STL IndyCar race, not supposed to be there, another story for another time.

I’m driving to Austin TX soon and not sure if I should just rent a car or drive one of my own. Van / equinox both get about 20 MPG. I’d guess a small rental car should get double that.

I should be driving about 2,000 miles in the 5 days. I am staying at relatives to I’m saving money on hotel. ($100/4 nights estimate)

Rental car would run about $250 or less. Gas should cost about $230 in my car or $120 in a rental.


$230 - my car my problems

$365 - rental, something goes wrong, call roadside and their problem.

Is the $150 worth the peace of mind?

Keep in mind the van is the wife DD if she goes anywhere. The equinox is at 196K, no cruise, no A/C, work car that’s filthy.


I also need to eat, and I hear there is good BBQ in Austin.

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