Van parked on infield grass at STL IndyCar race, not supposed to be there, another story for another time.

I’m driving to Austin TX soon and not sure if I should just rent a car or drive one of my own. Van / equinox both get about 20 MPG. I’d guess a small rental car should get double that.

I should be driving about 2,000 miles in the 5 days. I am staying at relatives to I’m saving money on hotel. ($100/4 nights estimate)

Rental car would run about $250 or less. Gas should cost about $230 in my car or $120 in a rental.

$230 - my car my problems

$365 - rental, something goes wrong, call roadside and their problem.

Is the $150 worth the peace of mind?

Keep in mind the van is the wife DD if she goes anywhere. The equinox is at 196K, no cruise, no A/C, work car that’s filthy.


I also need to eat, and I hear there is good BBQ in Austin.