Despite the recent post that marks NY as having the most @$$Hole drivers, my experience here 3 hours north of the city is usually pretty good. The occasional oblivious texting teen or aggro Prius commuter (totally a thing), but most people are usually pretty respectful.

Then we have the pair I met the other night when grabbing a quick bottle of wine for dinner at the local liquor store. To be fair, I only saw them parking so maybe they’re super conscientious and polite drivers... but I have a hard time seeing it.

The lot is tiny and shared with the neighboring steak restaurant, so it fills fast. As I’m approaching I see a jacked white ford explorer with mud bogging tires and its reverse lights on. I pull over before entering the lot and wait, thinking they’re leaving. After waiting 30 seconds or so with no movement, I decide to pull in and take the one remaining spot in the lot next to them. I get out and start walking into the store, only to hear a commotion as the two guys in the explorer open and close their doors and start saying things like “unreal” to each other. The driver looks at me and shouts “Hey A**Hole! Nice parking man. Way to leave space for the rest of us!!”. Confused and not wanting to escalate anything I went inside and hoped they’d just leave without scratching up my car or anything.

Came back out and they were gone. Car was fine. That’s when I saw what the deal was - the parking slots are angled to save space and not block the entryway. I parked correctly - angled. They parked straight on, taking up two spaces and sticking the nose of their truck a mere foot or so from mine. So basically they screwed up, wasted space, and then shouted at me about it.... classic.