This post has been delayed a lot. It contains a trade from Jeff Simmons (Thanks buddy, sorry this is just now up!), a couple gifts from my girlfriend, and some I've bought myself.

Oh, and a bunch more. Knowing my strange collection of Chevy trucks (despite being a Ford guy, especially with trucks), Frosted was very generous and sent me a huge package of every Chevy he could find, and said it was a gift. Thanks to him for everything!

From Jeff, came this '87 (To)Yota Pickup from the Cool Classics line!

Starting off Frosted's bunch is this '62 C/10


A lifted first generation Silverado

A bunch of '56 trucks were in the package!


More '56s!

The last '56, with a cartoon-ized '59


A couple vans

An El Camino and an SSR


A customized C3500 finishes up his batch. Thanks again buddy!

The next pictures are ones I've picked up or were given.


To go with the collection, a '69 C/10!

Volkswagen Beetle from a 3 pack


MINI rally car, also from the 3 pack. They came with a '69 COPO Vette that I gave to my brother.

From the girlfriend, a '71 Dodge Challenger


Also from her, a Ford Ranchero

'71 Mustang


JL 93 Ford F-150 Lightning

and a 1/24 scale Ford Raptor