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My daughter, 14, sent my wife and me to our room until called for dinner, which you see here. The ziti was perfectly al dente. The Italian sausage was cooked well but not dry. The chopped salad was lightly dressed with a Parmesan garlic dressing she discovered in the store yesterday (did I mention she did all the grocery shopping yesterday, navigating the crowds while I got a haircut?). So as to not trigger EssexTee, the home made garlic bread was cut in uniform slices with a proper knife.

She had bought eggs by finding one of the stock guys we know at the store and getting some from the back, because the preppers had cleared the shelf. Still, because of the egg shortage, she made eggless chocolate chip cookies, which after having tasted one I can assure you will not last long in that jar.

Illustration for article titled Dinner by daughter

She further informed us that she will be handling the menu for the next two weeks while she is home from school.

That’ll do.

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