Dinner in Albuquerque

After a day in the car, it felt good to walk Toby a mile from our bed and breakfast in Old Town Albuquerque to a little cafe with a lovely patio. Tomorrow morning we are going to check out Sandia Crest, and then tomorrow night we stay in Amarillo, TX. This morning we had an amazing drive out of Flagstaff recommended by Oppo’s own DipodomysDeserti. Thanks, man, I owe you for that road. I am planning on staying at La Posada in Winslow on the way back per his recommendation.


The last pic is the front of the b&b, and my room is in the back with a small private yard for the boi. Toby approves even though the dog door is too small. He has been very good on the road and is showing is usual excellent restaurant manners. This should be a nice evening.

Dinner is served

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