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No photo. I ate them all.

Please tell Rally Chicken that I don’t eat Puffalump chickens.

[Full disclosure: I wanted chicken wings, so I bought them. Then I ate them. Also, I have our review template still up in my tabs for reasons.]


What Is It?

Five boneless ghost chili wings and five grilled curry wings from Wingzup in Austin, Texas. Extra blue cheese dressing. No celery.


Supposedly There’s A Challenge, But Meh

Last time I ordered wings here, there was some challenge being advertised for eating 25 ghost chili wings in one sitting.


The sauce itself is delightful and not all that painful. A good, vinegary Buffalo-style sauce made with ghost peppers, muted in heat somewhat by fatty fry batter.

However, it’s the volume that makes this a hard no. 10 wings are enough, if not kinda pushing it. I eat like what I eat: a bird.



Two flavors. Five wings of each flavor. Four little tubs of blue cheese.


The curry wings were unexpectedly amazing, with an almost citrusy aftertaste. I didn’t need blue cheese with them—in fact, those two flavors didn’t really work with each other. The curry stands on its own. Next time, I should just order these with extra curry sauce on the side instead.


My mouth is on fire from the ghost chili wings. I have yet to find a better ultra-hot wing sauce than this. There may be hotter sauce out there, but it’s hard to go much hotter without adding the gross chemical flavor of capsaicin extracts.

These are the wings I shame all other wings over.

Yes, I’ve been to Buffalo. No, they don’t know what spicy is. There’s a direct correlation between the softness of Fisher-Price stuffed animals and the softness of the upstate New Yorker’s palate. (So soft. Much love to the Puffalumps.)



Pretty sure there is curry wing sauce on my laptop and/or face right now. (The boneless wings were stabbable with a fork.) I am typing this with one cleanish finger.


Blue cheese was extra-thick this time and wasn’t quite cheesy enough, both in flavor or in quantity of chunks. Fewer, bigger chunks made it harder to scoop out of the little tubs for the perfect buffalo sauce to blue cheese ratio.

Not enough room to also eat poutine.

What To Watch For

The bathroom. Soon.


Full of chicken.

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