Made dinner for me and step-father today.

Only step-father didn’t want a spicier Mexican source but wanted chilli con carne. So who am I to argue.

Chilli for step-father, Mexican for me.

Side of hash browns (onion rings too for step-father as he didn’t want much to eat).


Step-father. Chilli con carne in tortilla boats (he didn’t want cheese or anything on top), mini hash browns and some distorted onion rings with a little dunking salsa.

For me, I lined the boats with grated cheese (make America grate again), filled with spicy beef, topped with more grated cheese and put back in the oven for a few minutes then topped with some salsa. Served with hash browns and a couple of pickled gherkins.


Box of car stuff arrived today (two days after all the rest arrived from another seller).


Not all for me. A lad at work just got a new car (new to him) and asked what to use to look after it. So I’ve a few things for him to start him off as a gift.

Not just this below, but going to add a few other things like interior cleaner, tyre dressing, Quick Detailer, etc...