DIOCCUSA: Ice Cream Dreams

Good Morning Oppo. I give you one of the more eccentric inhabitants down in Old Car City USA, the Mr. Cone ice cream van!


The van appears forlorn from a distance, nestled among a crop of shrubbery in the middle of an uncut field. The bright colors don’t stop outside, however.

Quite an artistic photo, don’t you think? What is this strange machine?
If it weren’t lead paint, I’d be hungry right now.

Yes, that lead based pastel blue goodness covers the entire interior! That doghouse doubtless covers some ancient straight six that wouldn’t have provided much motivation through the automatic transmission. The rear was still full of ice cream equipment, though the floor had given up, making photos difficult.

It was stiflingly warm in here. The floor was only a heat mirage; there wasn’t anywhere solid to stand

A small fan mounted in the partition would have provided some relief to the oppressive heat in the back, but I bet it wasn’t particularly cool inside during the Georgia summers of its youth.


What do you think of this daily(ish) series so far? (yesterday’s post)

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