DIOCCUSA: Icky Interior

This neglected old Chevrolet Corvair down in Old Car City USA caught my attention. Corvairs are a rare presence on the streets and even at car meets, and the originality of this example is unusual. I don’t have any good pictures of the exterior apart from this one.


I am not well versed in these remarkable rear engined air cooled vehicles, but this one is a second generation convertible model. Update: It’s probably a ‘65. But back to the interior. Surely it isn’t that bad.

Oh, it is. This one must have entered the junkyard in very good shape, but mold and mildew runs the show now. Here is another shot of the swanky dashboard.


This one was a floor shift manual. Not sure if that large AM radio would have been a fancy option, but the padded vinyl dash in is surprisingly good shape, probably due to lying under a cover all these years.

What do you think? Would you rather me spotlight a derelict bus or a forlorn RV interior tomorrow?

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