This is back at the top since only 50 people saw it and I put marginal effort in.

By this time in my adventure down in Old Car City USA, my good camera had run out of batteries. Hence the potato pics of one of the more remarkable residents of the junkyard. This is the only Ford Anglia I have ever seen; the strangely shaped little sedan from good old England did not sell well in America.

Ouch, is my hand that unsteady?

The Anglia’s most remarkable feature, its reverse raked rear windshield, gave the rear passengers of this otherwise small coupe ample headroom as well as an unmistakable character. Unfortunately, only the frog eyed front of the Ford can be seen clearly here.

The jaunty angle this example sits at made photography difficult, but I managed to get a shot of the interior. I never knew the inside was just as quirky as the exterior! Look how well those large trapezoidal openings work for the gauges and the (missing) glove compartment!


As you can see, this particular Anglia is too far gone to bring back (looking at you, David Tracy), but what caught my eye in this picture was the strange little wagon it rests on. Oppo, can you identify this little family hauler? This incomplete badge was on the back of it, and I could find no other inscriptions. If it helps, this was in the imports section. So what’s your guess?

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