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Dip Disaster [updated]

[Update 3/26/19] Wet sanding went super well and I should be good to resume dipping tonight. I took down the texture with 400 and then finished with 1000, which was overkill. Need to re-clean the garage, hit the body with work tack cloth again, and I should be good to resume.

Original post from 3/24/19 @ 7:48 PM

Ok. It isn’t a “disaster” yet. That’ll happen after I try and fix it. While still in the primer stage of plastidipping the Civic, my spray gun’s hose made contact with the wet primer. In an attempt to “fix” it, I made it much, much worse.


Apparently now the only recourse is to let it dry overnight and wet sand it. Or peel and re-spray that panel. I’m opting for the former. On the bright side, this means I get to spend the afternoon hanging out, rather than breathing paint fumes.

Aside from this, everything else looks pretty excellent. I forgot how easy this stuff is to work with.

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