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I think I’m going to go try driving a 86 twin this weekend. I don’t think I’d actually call it in on project 996 (and even if I wanted to, I don’t know what I’d get for it without a bit of work) yet but yesterday pushed my patience. A door sensor or the central locking system went berserk as the wife and I were driving home from a date night. At random the car would beep twice as I was driving and we had all sorts of issues with the passenger door.


I guess it’s still better than when my 944 completely died on a date night but still not ideal when you have as few nights together without the kiddo as we do. Cause even though we laughed about it; it still was driving me a little nuts for the rest of the night.

My wife loved having the top down though and we had a blast getting around before it started acting weird.


Anyways; as kind of a barometer for things I may go try and drive a BRZ for the first time. Just tuck it away in my head. I’d probably be more inclined to actually get an FR-S if I really were shopping as they came in more colors and less frequently seem to have the little spoiler(if I have a spoiler I want a big freaking wing). Back seat will be important, as will figuring out if it feels too slow.

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