I decided to get my brother’s dirt bike fixed up so it could be sold and not make my parent’s backyard look like a redneck paradise anymore.

My brother acquired this hunk of crap last year after he traded it for a gun with a guy on Craigslist at a hotel parking lot. I swear my brother isn’t actually white trash.

It’s a Roketa 125 cc bike that leaks fuel like crazy and only has a front brake. It’s a miracle that this thing even runs.

I started by taking the gas tank off and removing the fuel line which was held on by zip ties and duct tape.


I removed the carb expecting to clean it, but actually it was pretty clean looking. I have new line, fuel filter, and an air filter on the way. The old air filter was a foam deal also held on by duct tape, and the fuel filter was non existent.

The gas tank switch had a broken nipple fitting which was remedied with some gorilla glue.


Hoping to have it all buttoned up by Saturday and sold by Sunday. I pitty the person who buys it. Not because it’s crappy now (it is), but that it was crappy when new and always will be. I swear the bolts that hold the carb on were made of pot metal.

Cool woodpecker I saw on a walk with my mom today for your time. I got like 5 feet from it, they’re huge!