DiRT Rally 2.0, the Oppositelock 5-stage initial review

The Steelbook is maximum nostalgia and I really wish we got it in the US.

It feels good, really good. While DR1 often felt like it was hard for the sake of being hard DR2.0 feels really well grounded in the physics. The way the momentum builds and interacts with the mass of the car to put you in the ditch feels amazing. You can really feel how the mass of the car and the weight transfer is working. I can’t speak to the accuracy of how the car reacts to your inputs as I am playing on an Xbox One controller which obscures what I want to be doing vs what the controller thinks I want to be doing and the games response. I need to get a feel for it on my wheel before I can really get a feel for the accuracy of the driving dynamics. It’s really good and you should play it.


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