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DiRT Rally is savage

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I have been playing rally games for my entire life. That is only good enough to stay on the road in DiRT Rally.


I grabbed the game a while back when it was on sale but hadn’t touched it because I don’t have access to my G27 at school. Tonight I decided to try a few stages with my xbox one controller as a quick break from studying for finals. Surprisingly the controller is a competent input device though it lacks the precision you really need. While I was able to keep it on the road for the most part my lines were atrocious and I am 20 seconds off the pace of the professional difficulty AI. Overall I like the game. The cars sound good and seem to handle realistically (I’m going to hold off on final judgement until I can try it with my wheel). I don’t like the style of the pace notes though. Too much information I don’t really care about (I don’t need to know about every junction). I like the game after about 10 stages and I think we may finally have a successor to Richard Burns Rally after nearly 12 years.

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