I started this thing a couple times before, but just for a few seconds. After I set base timing I was having an issue where it would idle fine with the SPOUT unplugged, but with it plugged in it would idle at 2K RPMS. So I ran the ECU codes (which involves a jumper wire and counting CEL flashes) and it came back with 23, which is the TPS.

I found the procedure online for measuring TPS voltage and adjustment, ran the codes again and boom, no codes! It’s kind of crazy I could do a complete engine an tranny swap and not have a check engine light.

After that I put my exhaust on. Jegs shorty headers, LMR h-pipe to Jones Full Boar mufflers, then dumped before the rear axle. I think it sounds pretty good, and has a decent lumpy idle from the E303 camshaft.

Next step: Bedliner the floor, put in the seats / seatbelts, and then bite the bullet and chop out my fenders for the flares.