My 18 year-old daughter came to see me this past weekend. Her mom lives in Houston and I’m in Austin, so we see each other when we can, which is more often once school starts (she’s a sophomore at UT Austin).

So we went to dinner Saturday night, and as she had blocked me in we went in her car. 2010 Mini Cooper. This was a mistake. Not the car, my getting in it...

The first thing I noticed was that her car was filthy, with trash inside. This will not do. So after dinner we went to the car-wash, where I instructed and scrubbed and instructed and vacuumed, and got it closer to some sort of state of clean. We then drove it home to finish things with armor all for the black trim and glass cleaner in and out. Mini has a lot of glass. As I was spraying her tires with the tire shine she actually had in the trunk I noticed that there were problems with the tires.


More than one problem. 1) The front tires were bald with bad wear on the outer edges. 2) they were from four different brands. The front passenger side tire was so bad that I had to wonder how any shop worth their fee had managed to pass it for the Texas safety inspection.

Since the car didn’t pass the “dad inspection” I took it in to NTB on Sunday morning for tires and alignment.

She’s happy because dad popped for tires and alignment...

No, I didn’t cheap out on the tires, but I didn’t get the most expensive ones either. She’s not a performance driver, no matter how hard I try to teach her. I’m just happy that this car is a manual and she likes it. I sent a text to the ex-wife that the brakes will need to be done and it’ll need new struts soon. I can only fix things on a car I have access to...

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