dirty dub owner here

my 2010 jetta tdi is apparently a dirty dub.

I bought the car last year (april) thinking “pretty clean, miles per gallon works out nice, little bit of premium for diesel fuel, DSG, torque, and euro appeal”.


Now i know the tdi’s have complex and sensitive emissions systems that don’t perform up to snuff and are expensive as hell when they do break. Current line of thinking says get out of the car now and see what else is out there. Gas is cheap again and the difference between gassers and diesels continues to shrink.

Initial thoughts are get out of this car and into a Mk6 or 7 GTI or something. I still like vws. According to KBB, i’d be in the hole a little bit on my loan and would likely roll it over to whatever i get into next.
Tl;dr: SMDH at sneaky diesel engineers.

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