my office is the rectangular building just below/right of the blue dot. You can somewhat make out the Arcadia, WRX, Mini in the parkinglot. well that parkinglot is the lowest point in the area. The office is set up so you can walk into the main level fromt he from and the lower level fromt he parkinglot. Well, over the weekend we got a little above freezing temperatures and rain. The parkinglot was still covered with snow/ice which covered the dtorm drain. With the rain and melted snow, there was about 6" of water which has frozen solid with our return to below 0*f temps. my boss's door is only about 6" above the current water ice level. Its only going to get work back there. I'm thnking hes going to need sandbags and i'm going to need a canoe to gte to my car. that is if it ever gets above freezing again. maybe August?