So I took off from SeaTac airport last night at 1130, landed in Boston at 740 this morning...didn’t sleep a wink. Got off the plane, got our car, and headed to go see that Vehicross. Meh.

The main issue is that it would be totally unusable to me until December when my son turns’re not getting a kid in a rear facing car seat in a Vehicross, but the space is there. But beyond that, there’s the car itself.


It appears to go into gear, but I think the brakes are seized from sitting...crazy rusty. Shifter is difficult to move, but the revs dropped and raised accordingly going into drive, reverse, neutral and park. So I don’t think the tranny is junk. At least not totally.

Then there’s the engine, which hasn’t gotten a timing belt in the 11 years they’ve had it, so I’d need to do a timing belt. It doesn’t look crazy difficult, but still, timing belt.


Underneath, the frame is pretty rusty. I didn’t see any rot holes, but I saw some spots that are well on their way towards that. Up top it’s got a spot of rust behind the passenger door, no biggie, but the whole top of the windshield is rusted. It’s dry and pleasant smelling inside, so I don’t think it’s leaking...yet.

So what did I do? Honestly I low balled the shit out of it and offered $1250, half the asking price. Basically I’d be taking it on as a project in lieu of the red Miata...if they say no, oh well. I’d have to keep the Yukon through the end of the year because like I said, you’d have to be a contortionist to get a toddler into a rear facing car seat in it.


Anyway, that’s basically how my whole day has been so far. Afterwards on my way home, with my wife and son both asleep, I continued 15 miles past my exit, adding 30 miles total to my trip. Lovely.

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