Disappointment in one picture

My little one turned four yesterday. We had a birthday party complete with bouncy house, which we’ve now done for three years in a row. My oldest always deflates with the bouncy house, and stares longingly until the truck goes out of sight.

The party went really well. The weather here had totally sucked for the previous week. It’s been chilly and very very wet. It dried out and warmed up just in time.


My wife and I also wised up and scaled back the size of the party. We only invited the grand parents and friends with kids in the same age range. We used to throw huge parties with all of our friends, but it just got to be too much. We kept the food simple, a crock pot of hot dogs, a selection of toppings, and some big bowls of chips.

At the end of the night, instead of being completely exhausted, my wife and I were happy and chatting about what a great day we had.

Today is gorgeous weather again. I’m sitting on my porch on my free replica Eames chair (thanks GalileoHumpkins!), while the birthday girl draws. Later the family is invited to our friend’s 40th birthday at the local roller rink. Should be fun!

Damn good weekend so far. Damn good.

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