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Disassembly Progress

The more I post about here (even though these tend to be my least-popular posts) the more likely I am to keep up the motivation on the Chevelle work, so here’s how it sits now.

It doesn’t look it, but it’s filthy inside and underneath from 45-year-old undercoating and a heavy coating of literal dirt from when chickens were nesting underneath it for a few years...

Pulled the hood, pressure washed the bottom to remove loose dirt and old undercoat, and took it to the basement (where all the parts will be hanging out until ready for refurb / to go back on). Same deal with the bumper and its brackets - it’s been pressure washed and is downstairs now, too.


I’m not 100% sure what’s next, I think fender liners have to come out, then I can get the fender extensions off, at some point pull the radiator and stuff from that area, then fenders and core support. Taking it apart, as we know, is the easy part.

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