Late last month on Memorial Day, I bent down into my mini-fridge and felt a sharp pain in my left leg. Another sharp pain appeared in my right leg. Moments later, I couldnā€™t stand up anymore.

What followed was 24 Hours of excruciating pain as all the muscles in my left leg and lower back spasmed. I was admitted into the hospital where an MRI revealed that I have a herniated disc. The material in the disc is pinching a major nerve trunk running down the left leg. Thatā€™s right; my clutch leg is fucked up.


An ā€˜Asteroid Corvetteā€™

I was hoping to get some good news from the doctor on monday, but instead he tells me Iā€™m not going to be able to work for another six weeks and not to lift anything heavier than a jug of milk. Also, the single epidural shot I was supposed to get is now going to be 3, and if I donā€™t improve after that, itā€™s going to be back surgery.

FML, man.