Today I got a couple hundred dollars worth of Amazon Fresh delivered to my door to match the Amazon Fresh Pantry order that arrived yesterday. While this all points to me being a shut-in, it’s all going on my boat, and most of it is stuff I don’t care to eat, but will keep in the environment, which is a thing when you’re stocking a boat. Cardboard and rice love moisture. As I’m stashing this in case of an emergency more than a trip, it’s important. Time + moisture is a disaster. Hopefully I’ll break into it on some overnight trip.

I know a bit about stocking boats. Three years ago I took one from Alameda, CA to Oahu, HI by myself. It took me 40 days in a boat older and slightly longer than whatever car/truck it is you drive. It was a 30' boat. Bahama Islander Mk II. They’re fine, fine boats and exceptionally affordable to purchase — just like most boats — or airplanes — or horses.

So that’s my disaster plan. I’m loading enough water, fuel, food, and propane to make to Hawaii and beyond. Zero intention of leaving the dock, but if I do I can be in Mexico in two weeks. The food be consumed over time because who doesn’t love Cheetos? It’s imperfect as I don’t think the big SF earthquake will happen while I happen to be aboard, but I have live on a fault line and I have a plan. The boat is being stocked and I have an evacuation plan and my immediate peeps know it. Just in case.

What’s your plan?

I’ve been laughing at preppers on TV for years and here we are. 🤷🏼‍♂️