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Disaster Strikes

This evening, I spilled a cup of tea into my keyboard. It did in my CM Storm Quickfire that I’ve had for... 8+ years. It survived a cup of coffee earlier this year but tea was too much. I did my best to clean it up with isopropyl alcohol but spacebar is permanently hosed. I may desolder the switch then replace it before getting rid of it for good. However, that didn’t solve my “I don’t have a keyboard problem” so I got in the car and rushed to Fry’s before close.

How come keyboards have gotten more expensive and obnoxious? My original plan was to get a cheap keyboard to hold me over, but the store was a mess (tons of open boxes, nothing on the right shelf, and totally picked over). I decided to get the best I could reasonably afford to replace my mechanical keyboard rather than shoot for a stopgap. I decided on this Viper V765.


It’s fine.

It has a good amount of click. Feel isn’t as direct as Cherry switches, howwwwever these switches are IP56 certified. That means they will resist getting splashed or full of dust.


Now let’s talk about what sucks. It has a plastic volume rocker than is cheesy AF. It’s about 20% larger than my past keyboard and leaves not much mouse room for me on my tray. The full RGB lighting is...

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There are two useful modes: Static (various customized on/off) and Reactive. Reactive just glows whatever key you press. The rest are basically full techno raves. What in the hell were they thinking?


Also, you can see my other grip in this GIF. The keys sit too high above the keyboard. You can run half your finger under the bottom row of keys. Boo. It just feels kind of cheap. I’m sure I’ll grow to like it eventually. If not, I’ll need to go add some clients.


Again, this is really the biggest pro to this thing. And sorry for the awesome pun. 

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