Disco Inferno - Now with more fire (and fewer squeaks)

I had a rather ambitious weekend planned, full of cars, car repairs, and the answer to last week’s puzzler. While I didn’t complete most of what I intended to, so I did get the Disco back on the road!


Given that list... how did I do?


Yeah no.


Pass. Let’s talk about something else!


Oh hey I did do some work on this one! A heat shield came loose either on the track or on the way back from the track. I got under it, reinstalled the screws that hold it in place, and we’re back in business!

I drove it a bit this weekend and the ground issue is getting worse... >_<

Land Rover


I set out to do the shocks and front anti-roll/ sway bar links and bushes and against all odds I actually did that thing!

It was a weird mix of very easy and very difficult. Despite being coil-over-shock, the shocks are actually a breeze to remove. Except this big bastard bolt, which on both sides ends up interfering with something, making it a pain to remove.


OTHER THAN THAT, they were really easy to put in.

What was not easy, where the sway-bar links. For starters, to get the old ones out you have to put a torx bit through a wrench and try and and wrestle the whole thing loose. The means either putting a ton of torque on a T40 torx bit and risk stripping it or breaking the bit, or trying to get enough leverage to torque on the nut.


Neither was a good option.


Ultimately a mix of penetrating fluid, heat, and an air impact got the little bastard loose.

But now I have this fancy dis connectable link set to assemble. The bad part is it came with zero instructions, so you’re left to just wing it.


Eventually I got the passenger side link in, new bushing in (also a nightmare), and was trying to fit the driver’s side link. This did not go well.

The link itself didn’t line up at first, then when I did get it to line up, the bushing popped out and I had to remove it again, and the top of the link interferes with some shielding that is there to protect the steering box.


It was a shit mess, but it is done.

The rears were simple and easy, for a change, and I had those done in about an hour.


So, all in all, not too bad. I’m looking forward to getting it back on the road and seeing what breaks next!

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