Contrary to my updates, I actually have been working on the Disco every damn day since I first raised it from the dead. Unfortunately, this has involved significantly more metal fabrication that I would have liked.

On Tuesday I was puttering around the garage, feeling a little lost now that I didn’t have this huge, all consuming project looming over my head. After not making a lot of progress on anything, I decided at 8PM to tear apart the interior to put my diff lock linkage in.

Shockingly, within about an hour I was down to where I needed to be. The only hard part was having to drill out 13 damn pop rivets that held the transmission tunnel cover in place.

Once I got in there I realized something was missing. There was no bracket to put the diff lock cable into and there was no lever for it to operate on.


I knew this, but for some reason it didn’t dawn on me the bracket and lever weren’t attached to the cable assembly, or in the box.

Shitting shit shit.

Oh look... there they are in the listing... Right there...


The next couple of days were spent calling the eBay seller trying to get him to send them (he doesn’t have any) and trying to fabricate my own.

The first attempt went pretty well actually. But once I fitted it up I realized it was a little long and the angle was a little shallow. Also, when I really torqued on it, the aluminium objected strongly and broke.


Try 2 utilized the old bracket, but instead of bending I used screws and more angle iron. How novel, I know.

I also made several iterations of the little lever thing this operates on, none of which are worth noting except the ones that looks like a tiny metal erection.


That said, last night I actually succeeded. The combination of my fourth lever and second bracket produced a reliable, if a little stiff, engagement of my diff lock!



I started buttoning up, which meant drilling out even more rivets. Also the new bracket was a little rusty, so I treated it to some sanding and a new coat of paint. Also, as the rivets were such a pain, I decided to go ahead and tap the holes so I could use screws on the reinstall.

I have no delusions that what I’ve fabbed up here is perfect or particularly durable. It is, however, officially, 100%, good enough.

The interior went back together without problems except breaking ALL OF THE CLIPS, but I am used to that by now.


Also I found an interesting marking on the center console. One of those maker’s marks Top Gear goes on about?

Finally it was time to clean up the garage and put a bow on this damn project. I decided to pull the Disco out of the garage to facilitate cleanup and then leave it running to make sure the heater was sufficiently bled.


And for the first time in over a month the poor only Landy moved under its own power.

Then one of the transmission cooler lines decided it didn’t want to be attached anymore and unceremoniously dumped all of the transmission fluid into the driveway...

C’est la vie.