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Discount Tire Sucks

So as you guys may or may not know, I replaced my tires 2 weeks ago due to sidewall damage at Discount Tire here in Boulder, CO.


I thought that would be the end of my tire woes.... It wasn't. I finally replaced my problematic wheel bearing this past weekend and then I got my wheels aligned yesterday. However, on Friday, after driving from Boulder to Denver and driving around Denver with my brother for a little bit, I noticed my front right tire was low (running on roughly 15psi). I had just gotten the tires 10 days previous so I knew there was a problem. I drove as quickly as I could to the Discount Tire by my house in Denver and got there 20 minutes before closing. They happily took my car in and assessed where the tire was leaking. They told me that the bead seat on the rim was very badly corroded and my wheels will eventually need replacing. I don't have the funds for new rims right now so I opted to have them take a wire wheel to the corrosion and put a sealant on the bead.

Fast forward to today... My other three tires were looking pretty low. So after class, I drove to the Boulder Discount Tire and told them the situation with the right front tire that I had sealed. The manager told me that it's likely the other rims are very corroded and since the sealant that they put on wasn't holding a seal, I'd need new rims. I told him no, the Denver Discount Tire told me that my rims were corroded and there was no sealant on the bead. He said he'd have the technicians take a look... So after sitting for 45 minutes, they finally took my car in and then about 15 minutes after that, the manager told me they were very badly corroded and the corrosion was coming off in white chunks. I said to him, "corrosion like that doesn't build up over the course of 13 days, right?" He answered, "right." So I responded by questioning him, "so you're telling me the corrosion wasn't addressed when I bought the tires?" He said, "I don't know what happened then but we're taking care of you today." Not pleased with his answer, I sat quietly, waiting for the wheels to be done. Once they finished, I grabbed my keys from them and left.



tl;dr: I've been to Discount Tire 3 times in the past 2 weeks to have them do something that should have been done the first time. And my brother has had problems with them as well. Ah well, at least I don't have to deal with new tires again for a few years. Last thing I have to replace on this car is the windshield and then I should be good on repairs for a good long while.


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