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Discussion: Satellite Radio

Satellite radio: greater variety, better sound quality, reception everywhere and no commercials, that's the promise, but is it worth paying for? That is the question I find myself asking.

Does the service deliver on what it promises? Well, with 120+ channels there is certainly variety, the sound quality is good and it doesn't suffer from the range limitations, nor the loss of sound quality as you near the edge of that range, of AM (do people still use this, seriously*?) and FM radio. The lack of commercial advertising is quite nice too.


That said, satellite radio doesn't stifle all the problems of traditional broadcast radio. There are still boring and/or annoying announcers who interrupt the flow of music and the stations still operate on fairly limited playlists, meaning that after listening to a channel for a few days, you may begin to grow tired of the songs on offer as your hear them repeated.

In Canada, the cheapest plan is $15.99/mo. In my opinion and in my use of the service, this is simply not worth it. Admittedly I haven't fully explored the full spectrum of music available, and there is a lot to choose from, but I've only found myself semi-regularly listening to 5 channels. I don't care for talk radio and if I want sports coverage, I'll watch it on TV. Also, fuck Howard Stern, SiriusXM love to peddle their service with his name. There's no fucking way I'm paying full price for 120+ channels when I don't listen to 95% of them.

Amusingly though, not even a month into the free trial included with the purchase of my car, SiriusXM have already called twice of offer me 'exclusive' deals to continue my subscription. $2.49/mo to continue my subscription for another 3 months (at least, they hope):


For those who have a siriusXM receiver, feel free to use that promo code to get a deal on your service if you like; I doubt that code is unique to me, though it may be unique to Canada.

With my limited use, this is an offer I will consider reasonable and I think I may take them up on it. Hell, maybe I'll discover and some more channels and find more value in the service. You never know.


*siriusly, huehuehue...

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