Do you think that top tier sailing pushes material technology more or less than Formula 1? These boats are made out of Kevlar Foam wrapped in Carbon Fiber, the rigging is heat extruded plastic composites that have much higher tensile strength, lower stretch, and orders of magnitude lighter than steel, the sails are CNC laid strands of individual carbon on predetermined load paths sandwiched between super thin layers of Mylar that are built on 1100 square meter molds so that they have the perfect shape while being flown.

Being a sailor all my life and racing on quite a few high-tech boats, the trickle down is MUCH faster than it ever will be for cars and this type of thing just blows my mind. So what do you think? Is it just an irrelevant way for the uber-rich to throw away money? It is something that helps us in our daily lives through technological breakthroughs? Is F1 any different?