Oooook, don't be shy. I know probably some of you will get your torches and track me to the hills while I flee in panic, but to start the discussion I need to confess: I don't like the Nissan GTR

I don't have, really, a good reason for this, I just don't like it and I can't figure why so many people simply adore it. I know it is a pretty nifty work of engineering, but for me it's a no.

I don't like the Ferrari LaFerrari either. Apart from the absolutely silly name, it looks like a Hot Wheels car designed for kids. Again, I know it's engineering is almost alien, but it's so damn ugly I can't appreciate it.


Phew! I'm so relieved now after taking this burden off my chest!

Edit: Since some of you are suggesting the Miata... It's dangerous to go alone, take this