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Between Tesla’s diversification into the battery industry and Toyota bringing their R&D ideas to light, who is going to be setting the industries direction moving forward? WTF even is the industry going to look like in 10 years time? Let’s talk.


My opinion:

For the sake of argument let’s presume Toyota isn’t bluffing about their solid state battery tech and that Tesla rolls the Model 3 out with minimal set backs. Now flash forward to 2020.


2020: At this point Tesla has had the Model 3 in production for years, GM’s sales of the Bolt are solid but trailing, Toyota is still 2 years to market, and Polestar is months from launching it’s first all electric sedan, the Lucid-One. Yea in this fucked world Volvo bought out Lucid and merged them with Polestar, fuck with me.

But let’s get back to it. With increasingly strict regulation in Europe and a number of high population US states taking an initiative and following suit the all electric field is in control. Tesla and Polestar are the industry benchmarks and Toyota/GM are the two closest to catching up. Ford is scrambling to rush to market and FCA has given up and accepted a buy out by GAC Group. GAC Group Formally announced its merger with LeEco and Faraday a year prior and it’s promised delivery date for the first batch of the FF91 is coming up fast.


2027: Tesla’s HyperLoop has now reached the entire west coast, Toyota’s new battery technology catapulted them into command of the EV world and upon the release of their new 1,200 mile BEV Ford formally announced it would be merging with GM. Polestar has surpassed Tesla in sales for the first time in its history, but Tesla has just announced the release of an improved variant to Toyota’s solid state batteries, promising a 2,000 mile 1,200 Lb*Ft of torque 3rd gen Model S within 2 years time. GM is happily cornering the market on heavy duty pickups for years now but finds itself under pressure to change as Tesla, Toyota, and GAC/FCA all roll out EV HD pickups with fast charge times under half an hour and a range of over 500 miles.

That’s enough for now, where do ya’ll see this shit show heading?

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