I forgot I was going to post. I am dismantling the old partially rotten shed. It is 10 x 8. The new one will be 8.5 x 30 feet.

Above was after cleaning up the yard, 2 weeks ago.

Below is the middle of today.


Lulu got herself wrapped around the shrub. After getting her untangled she got stuck on a solar light and a tent stake. She then overheated and had to go inside because she layed in the sun instead of the shade. So far I got the roof off, the shelves out, the doors off, and more importantly the insects out.

The important tools for dismantling a shed.

1. Wasp Spray

2. Broom

3. Phillips Screw Driver

4. Hammer 1

5. Hammer 2

I only spent an hour on the shed today. I went to the auto parts store for coolant, power steering fluid and oil for changing the oil, timing belt, water pump, power steering pump, and accesory belts but the skys opened up with a powerful thunderstorm, so hopefully I can accomplish the car maintenance tomorrow.


Bonus Lulu pic my wife took earlier this week.

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